• Main Har Shahar Ka Shaheen Bagh Hoon by Farah Naqvi


    February 13, 2020

    Author and activist on why the women of Shaheen Bagh are protesting against the discriminatory trio of CAA-NPR-NRC.

    I am woman, every Indian woman
    I am here; for I am the need of this time now
    I am here, for I am citizen of my land
    I am the guardian of my world now.
    I am on every crossroads. 
    To every ground 
    I lay claim, for it is my Hindustan. Now.  

    I am Hindu and yes Muslim too
    I wear a bindi and hijab too
    I pray to Ishwar and to Allah too 
    Our children’s smiles, our children’s pain 
    They are the same too
    You are different and different are your saffron glasses
    All alone you chant your oath of breaking the country now.

    Your posters say –  save the girl child
    So why these sticks and tear gas shells?
    Who are the attackers now?
    When the police spit curses at us
    Did you come as saviours, split their heads open now?
    Now I shall speak. You listen; over a cup of tea
    Will you hear my submission now?

    For when the heart is wounded, a person awakes
    In search of balm, a storm of pain awakes
    When there’s talk of autumn, the garden awakes
    When it’s about our land, the nation awakes
    The djinn has left the bottle, you can’t coax it in now
    This road we have chosen, it will not change now

    First published in NewsClick

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