• To Put on Record

    Translated into English by Vivek Sachdeva

    Atamjit Singh

    January 24, 2020

    Image courtesy PTI

    I salute the Delhi Police
    The police of the capital
    Is highly nationalist
    I repeatedly salute the Delhi Police.

    Two mad men once murdered India
    In the broad day light
    Indira was "India" then.
    Thousands of colourful turbans
    Were charred in front of Khaki turbans,
    The stunned nationalist police
    Then slipped into sadness
    What else could the poor police do?

    Thank god
    The police of my capital
    Is out of the shock now
    And is happily busy with attending the courts.
    The police of my capital
    Is challenging all anti-nationals.
    Even books in the library
    Are vocal and loud
    These books spare none
    These books are being silenced
    By the nationalist police now.

    Students –
    They have always been anti-national
    And their teachers too.
    Why are they sitting with the books?
    These books bring them nothing, but trouble
    They will come to know
    How nationalist the Delhi Police is
    Now the books will learn the lesson
    Now the books will come to their senses.

    With iron rods and sticks
    Professional goons of politicians
    Are beating up the students
    The Delhi Police merely looks on
    Like a mute spectator
    They have received instructions
    From the masked goons,
    “We’ll deal with
    These boys and girls,
    If the police intervene
    It’d lead to bigger damages.”
    These masked goons certainly are greater nationalists.

    Now the Delhi Police will issue orders –
    “Summon Tagore
    He should be tried for sedition
    He is misleading the nation
    By declaring that
    Humanity is higher than nationalism.”
    Perhaps, Tagore doesn’t know
    How nationalist the Delhi Police is!

    Now, the police of the capital
    Will guard the airports
    To prevent any Einstein from entering the country
    Otherwise what fool would say that
    The nationalism is measles
    That has afflicted the child?

    Who is this Kailash Satyarthi
    To enlighten the media
    To not sound the war bugle
    In the name of nationalism?

    Delhi Police knows that
    They are all Urban Naxals
    And are members of
    The Tukde-Tukde Gang
    Who are running wild
    After winning the awards
    They’ve fixed for themselves.

    Our police will teach a lesson
    To all of these "Nobel" winners
    And the noble minds
    Because the police of the capital
    Is highly nationalist.
    If these noble men fail to learn the lesson
    We’ve our "masked goons"
    They can be called in again.

    Everything has been said
    To put on record.

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