• BJP legislator’s speech exposes their sentiment regarding CAA-NPR-NRC

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    January 6, 2020

    This is the translation of a speech made by Gali Somashekhar Reddy, legislator from Bellary, Karnataka, as appeared on two leading Kannada newspapers, Prajavani and Vartha Bharathi, on 4th January 2020. In the speech, the BJP legislator expresses the genuine sentiment of the BJP and the government it leads at the Centre, regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the National Population Register (NPR) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC). Reinforcing our worries, what is rather clear from this is that the BJP considers the legislations as weapons to deal with Muslims and as an expression of their hatred for minorities. No amount of soft-pedalling by the leadership can mask the raw hatred which the dangerous CAA-NPR-NRC combine is planned to pander to.

    The speech was made by Reddy at a public rally in support of CAA held in Karnataka's Bellary on 3 January 2020.

    G Somasekhar Reddy|The Wire

    (This is the verbatim translation of the report appearing in Prajavani, a leading Kannada newspaper dated 4th January 2020)

    "If you want to stay in this country you should do as we tell you. Otherwise the situation will be different. Don’t provoke the Hindus,” G Somashekhar Reddy Legislator warned. Addressing the rally on Friday in the city [Bellary] he said, “the CAA has been to implement made for the nation’s security, and everyone should support it. If another protest against the CAA takes place in Bellary we will not sit quiet. Those who are afraid that they will be thrown out of the country should leave the country. For today’s rally only 5 percent people have come. If you do more mischief ("nakhra"), the remaining 95 percent people will come. Then none among the CAA protestors will survive.”

    "Let no one test our patience and peace. If attacks are made on our country and police it won’t be all right. Those who wish to go to Pakistan can go. We are like brothers. Let us continue to be like that. If [you] behave like enemies, we will have to show our fierce form [“roopa”].

    "This Somashekhar Reddy is a terrible patriot. When I die my even my dead body will say “Bharath Mata ki Jai”. We are not false bhaktas like you, we are real "bhaktas". For us there is family planning. It is not for you. We will also each of us produce 50 children and increase [our] population.

    (The following are parts of the report on the same appearing in Vartha Bharathi, dated 4 January 2020.)

    "Why do you believe the lies told by Congress "bevakoofs" (sic) and come to the streets? Here we are 80 percent, you are 17 percent. If we turn against you what will be your condition, be careful."

    "How will it be if we attack you as [you] attack our country, our government vehicles and police? If we get angry and burn your property how would it be for you? Take this as a warning bell” admonished Somashekhar Reddy. He said, “Congress leaders are misleading you by telling that if the CAA is implemented you will be thrown out to Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan”.

    "Just think what would happen if every Hindu becomes a Shivaji, takes darshan of Bellary Durgamma [local deity] and wields a sword? CAA and NRC are our Acts, Acts made by Modi-Amit Shah. It won’t be good if [you] go against them”. Thus warned Somashekhar Reddy.  He continued, “the statement made by Bengaluru [South] MP that those who work on punctures are opposing CAA – NRC. Puncture menders and mechanics are not literate [have not read]. Those who are literate are telling you lies. Do you come to streets trusting them” he expressed his ire.

    "CAA doesn’t take away your property. It does not take away your father’s property. Tired of those demons in Pakistan’s harassment, people want to come to our country, and for them the Act has been assented to by the Parliament. In America, people have taken out processions in support of CAA” the legislator said.

    "Yogi Adityanath’s government is confiscating the property of those who are participating in the protests. In our state too, our CM Yadiyurappa should do the same. In Mangalore, those who attacked the innocent police have been shot down. All protestors should have been shot down. If [they] had been shot down, at least the population would have gone down. If you people produce 10 to 20 children, should we sit and watch? We Hindus will produce 50. In Bangladesh and Pakistan, Hindus were 27 percent [of the population], now they have been reduced to 1 percent. In our country too, we are ready to reduce your population to 1 percent” said Somashekhar Reddy.

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    The translation was done by Rajendra Chenni. He is the director of the Manasa Centre for Cultural Studies at Shivamogga, Karnataka.

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