• Was Mangalore police shooting to kill ? Multiple videos raise questions

    Sabrang India

    December 23, 2019

    In a video tweeted by National Social Media Coordinator of Mahila Congress Lavanya Ballal, policemen are heard talking in Kannada about shots having been fired and 'no one died'.
    Following the publication of the video a number of commentators brought up the question of how the words were said – were the cops angry that despite firing so many rounds nobody was hit or were they relieved that a number of shots were fired but nobody died. Since the video forms a very small portion of a larger video, there is no way to verify the context. But the conversation does take on a sinister tone once other videos are also seen where policemen appear to be firing into the crowd.
    Here's a tweet by journalist Arun Dev
    In yet another video, the Mangaluru police can be seen storming the Highland hospital where the injured were taken and dragging people out. Tweeted by journalist Pooja Prasanna. 
    In the end two young men lost their lives in police firing. So did the Mangaluru police indeed shoot to kill ? Were there orders from above ? Will this shocking incident ever be investigated ?

    First published in Sabrang India.

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