• “Unresolved Conflict in Kashmir is a Threat to Indian Democracy”

    Surangya in conversation with Sahba Husain

    September 28, 2019

    Activist and researcher Sahba Husain discusses her book, Love, Loss, and Longing in Kashmir, which documents her years of research and fieldwork in the state. She talks about the history of the issues affecting the valley and their implications if left unresolved. 

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    Sahba Husain is an independent researcher and women’s rights activist. For the last two decades, she has travelled extensively in Jammu and Kashmir, documenting the social consequences of armed conflict, mass violence and militarization on individuals, families and communities, with a special focus on women. Her earlier research focused on problems of working women in the organized and unorganized sectors in several states of India and on the impact of development policies on women’s social, political and economic status.

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