• Talking Translation : Revisiting Anis Kidwai’s Azadi Ki Chhao Mein

    Githa Hariharan in conversation with Ayesha Kidwai

    September 19, 2019

    Translation is not just about words, it is about carrying a culture, a history, a whole world into another language. Translations do not just bring languages closer to one another, they also introduce us to diverse modes of imagining and perceiving different cultures.

    To mark the International Translation Day, celebrated on 30 September, the Indian Cultural Forum will be doing a series of posts to emphasise the power and importance of translations.

    Novelist Githa Hariharan in conversation with Ayesha Kidwai about her English translation of the acclaimed partition memoir by Begum Anis Kidwai, Azadi ki Chhao Mein (In Freedom's Shade).

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