• Who Are Miyah Poets and Why Are They Melancholic?

    ICF and Newsclick Production

    September 14, 2019

    Miyah poets Ashraful Hussain and Hussain Ahmed Madani and human rights activist Abdul Kalam Azad talk to Indian Cultural Forum and NewsClick about how their poems are a matter of self-respect and identity for Assam's down-trodden. Their words express the pain and suffering of the Bengal-origin Assamese people, who are seen as ‘outsiders’. Wider Assamese society and many outside Assam misunderstand or misrepresent their goals. "We are not anti-NRC or anti-Assamese identity. We just criticised the NRC process. And we are as Assamese as any other Assamese person, no matter what language or dialect we use," they say.

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