• Tonight in Kashmir

    Ather Zia

    August 14, 2019

    Image Courtesy: Time

    Tonight in Kashmir 

    I will be alone,
    Under the heavy boots,
    a mourner’s paradise
    dark memories 
    the alley is still, 
    frozen by the lake
    which no longer exists,
    albeit under curfew!


    I will be alone,
    The moonlight is on the edge,
    a glimmering gash
    sneaking into crevices –
    A dog whimpers,
    An unknown groan ebbs
    shifting pavement stones –
    metal clangs,
    a yelp –
    a curse –
    shaken moths, pooped drunks –
    straggle into faded corners 
    wingless, out-of-breath


    I will be alone,
    In the cold summer capital
    Of a winter heart
    My dreams
    Must be awake, awaiting
    In curfew somewhere! 



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    Ather Zia is a journalist turned anthropologist. Her first published collection of poems was called The Frame”. Ather’s work has appeared in a variety of magazines including Convergence Journal, Blazevox, Cerebrations. She is the founder-editor of the site, Kashmir Lit.

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