• Who Killed Farooq Khan? | Karwan-e-Mohabbat Against Hate Crimes

    "If Farooq was a thief, then I am also a thief," says Badshah, one of the many friends of 26-year-old Farooq, who are struggling to make sense of how and why the happy go-lucky and hard-working man was lynched to death.

    Newsclick Team

    June 11, 2019

    An educated, well-off young man, Farooq Khan, the sixth of seven siblings, had returned home to Manipur after getting an MBA degree from Bangalore and was setting up his own food processing unit. How did Farooq end up becoming a target of a murderous mob, who accused him of trying to steal a scooter? How complicit are political leaders who are preaching divisiveness and hatred against minorities? How can civil society intervene? Will there be no justice for Farooq? Who killed him, anyway?


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