• Girish Karnad: “No one has the right to curb our freedom of expression”

    From the Archives: Remembering Girish Karnad, a Fearless Dissident

    ICF and Newsclick Team

    June 10, 2019

    Renowned playwright, actor and public intellectual Girish Karnad passed away today at the age of 81, in Bengaluru. Apart from his formidable contribution to theatre, cinema and literature, Karnad was dedicated to defending progressive values. For this he was targeted by Hindutva forces. Whether it was the controversy around his views on Tipu Sultan or his protest against the stifling of dissent, the arrests, murders and branding of dissidents as 'Urban Naxals', he firmly stood his ground even though his own life was under threat.

    This is the Karnad we pay tribute to with the speech he gave at the Literary Meet for Tolerance on 02, September, 2018. It was organised by Dakshinayan and Gram Seva Sangh at the Bangalore Central University.



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