• Being Hindu

    Meera Nair

    April 12, 2019

    Image Courtesy: Pixels

    Being Hindu was 
    Opening my lunch box
    When the school bell rang
    And sharing pork sausages 
    With Ahamed who sat on the same bench

    Being Hindu was
    Not knowing how to light a lamp
    Fall on my knees 
    Or press my forehead to the ground

    Being Hindu was
    Sleeping in the same room
    Where framed pictures of glittering Gods hung
    While the blood that made me woman
    Flowed out of me

    Being Hindu was 
    Knowing there is no heaven
    No hell
    No sin
    No sacred commandment 
    No sermon
    No confession 
    And no God damn holy book
    Except to seek the divine
    In me and everyone else 

    The other day
    I wiped off the sandalwood paste on my forehead
    Because it stank of cow dung

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    Meera Nair is a poet, dancer, actor, writer and media person. Her short stories and poems have been published in various journals. Her first book of poems won her the second place at the Muse India Young Writers Award 2015. Her most recent book is Poetry Vending Machine.

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