• Sharankumar Limbale: “Literature that was restricted to a class or a group is now expanding”

    Pranita in conversation with the writer

    January 16, 2019

    Prominent Dalit writer Sharankumar Limbale talks to the Indian Cultural Forum and Newsclick about Dalit literature in India, how it differs from other kinds of writings, the role of Dalit movement in shaping not just his own work but Dalit literature in general, and more.

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    Sharankumar Limbale  is a Marathi language author, poet and literary critic. He has penned more than 40 books, but is best known for his autobiography Akkarmashi (The Outcaste). The Novel has been translated into several Indian languages and English.  His critical work Towards an Aesthetic of Dalit Literature is considered amongst the most important works on Dalit literature.

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