• Height of Ugliness

    Arun Khopkar

    October 31, 2018

    यह बस्ती है मुर्दा परस्तों की बस्ती

    Just seen the pictures of an object which is supposed to be the tallest of its kind in the world.

    What is not mentioned but is clearly visible in the pictures is that it is also the ugliest of its kind in the world and shows the very nadir, the lowest level of centuries and centuries of Indian culture and aesthetic sensibility. It is an example of the deader-than-the-Dodo academic art education imposed by the British. It shows that those who commissioned it had neither any idea of the gravitas and the grace of our ancient image-making nor of the work of our best artists like Anish Kapoor or Dhruv Mistry. Servility to the British, your name is nationalism. 

    We've given up on raising the quality of living, but we can raise the height of non-living.

    Yes, we do love tall tales and spend millions and zillions of public money on them and the rupee is at its lowest, the fuel prices are at their highest and people are choking to death due to pollution.

    यह दुनिया है या आलम-ए-बदहवासी…

    We also love spending on self-advertising where no corner of this country is spared from it and money comes from the pockets of our workers, farmers and others who work hard to earn it or died when their savings became worthless papers.

    We do love junkets and "spiritual" tamashas which violate the earth by flaunting every norm of ecology and let the culprits off with a nominal fine.

    Yes, we are "patriots" and one word against us and you would be seen in your true "anti-national" and "conspiratorial" colours. We achieve "UNITY" by gagging all the dissenting, wagging tongues and creating CLONES.


    Arun Khopkar is a well known filmmaker, who recently got the Sahitya Akademi award for his collection of essays in Marathi.

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