• “France Concerned over Trump’s Century deal,” says Fatah member


    January 11, 2018


    Azzam Al-Ahmad, member of Fatah Central Committee Wednesday said France expressed concern over the preliminary aspects of US President Donald Trump’s deal of the century and considered his decision unilateral.

    In an interview with Palestine TV, he said France has expressed concern over the deal and said what has been revealed so far is negative and sugarcoated. “France stressed the need for caution by the Palestinian side and the international community and said Palestinians' rights must not be overlooked regardless of the price.”

    This came during a meeting between a delegation of the central council with the French President Emmanuel Macron to discuss Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem and recognize the city as the capital of Israel.

    Al-Ahmad said that France rejects the announcement and is invested in national unity.

    The delegation, through President Mahmoud Abbas, had received an invitation to meet with Macron and discuss the Palestinian issue and what will be addressed in the central council in light of the deal of the century expected to be announced on January 21.

    Al-Ahmad said senior advisors to Macron have affirmed that the Palestinian cause is a priority to France and that the country is working on recognizing Palestine.


    First published in WAFA.

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