• Hush Hush Hush!

    Poornima Laxmeshwar

    September 25, 2017



    Go back!
    Go back to your absurd lands of a nation

    with half-baked equality
    With open wounds of gender roles oozing puss of rotten values
    Misunderstood feminist cavities joking about the fair and lovely

    While the rest burn in everyday psoriasis of patriarchy
    A land of closeted rituals fasting for salvation

    at the price of your sacrifice
    Where you are polished with rules to be a stone that can be worshipped

    within the walls of proclaimed sanctity
    Don't untie your vengeance
    You are not built to oppose

    but to be a mute melodrama that has the twists without a voice
    To behave exactly the way you have been oppressed to dissolve
    Without letting the world see your scars
    (The world will ignore your screams either way)

    You stand next to the window dreaming of a country
    where the whiffs from fallen jasmine smell of choices you can make
    where the stars become maps of roads

    You wish to tread – bare feet
    And the rise of the waves within you don't creak of fear

    This is a land where Durga is worshipped in one corner
    While on the other the voices are crushed in the blame game of dissent

    Come live here for once
    You will understand the strings of dual politics we are fed
    to become everyday martyrs.


    Poornima Laxmeshwar, a poet and critic has authored a poetry collection, Anything but Poetry, published by Writers Workshop.

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