• #IAmGauri: Images and Videos From Bengaluru

    Yogesh S

    September 20, 2017


    The Forum Against the Assassination of Gauri Lankesh, organised a protest march in Bengaluru on the 12 September 2017, protesting her assasination.


    Members of the Forum against the Assassination of Gauri Lankesh hold up a banner / Image courtesy: Archana Nathan, Scroll.in.


    Thousands of writers, journalists, activists, and artists, from across the country, marched on the streets of Bengaluru. Indian Cultural Forum gives you a glimpse of the protest through these images, and videos. 






    The protesters raised the slogan, 'Kattutteve kattutteve, aikya Bharata kattutteve. Mettutteve mettutteve, jati vadava mettutteve' (We shall build an united India. We shall strike down caste system). Gauri Lankesh believed, coming together of diverse progressive ideologies, was the only way to successfully fight against the fundamentalist forces. This slogan, raised, protesting her assassination, also shows the path that her ideas, and work she has designed for the struggles.





    Gauri Lankesh was well know for her straightforward, and fearless, anti-establishment views and her tabloid, Gauri Lankesh Patrike was a reflection of her views. As an act of showing solidarity with what Gauri stood for, #IAmGauri Campaign started on the same night Gauri Lankesh was assassinated. The campaign has mobelised citizens, writers, activists, journalists, thinkers and artists. Protesters across the country, by saying #IAmGouri, recognise the attack on freedom of expression, and freedom of speech. 



    Hundereds of college students, teachers and people from all walks of life took part in the protest. Various art installations could be spotted at the protest site. 


    Image courtesy: Scroll.in






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