• Karnataka Writers Seek Protection for Pen

    Delegation will submit memorandum on 21 September 2017

    Karnataka Writers

    September 19, 2017

                                                                                                            Image courtesy:Pen America


    On 21 September 2017, Thursday, a delegation of writers from Karnataka will register a protest seeking protection for pen, a symbol of freedom of expression.

    Gauri Lankesh's assassination is already being condemned at national and international level. The rally held on Sept 12 in Bengaluru was a considerable milestone in the history of agitation in favor of freedom of expression.

    There are hundreds of ways to register our protest. Now we are taking a new step. Like minded journalists, writers and activists will submit a memorandum along with a pen to Karnataka government in Bengaluru. Same will be replicated in different districts/taluks.

    We feel it will make a big sound if it is replicated at different cities/states of the nation on same day.

    The writers seek for:

    * Memorandum will seek protection for pen, freedom of expression.

    * It will also have clarification that our writing won't be stopped as we are not feared by any gun.

    * In other states memorandum can be addressed to president of India and can be submitted through taluk/district administration.

    Donate to the Indian Writers' Forum, a public trust that belongs to all of us.