• Living Political Commitment: Gauri Lankesh and Her Patrike

    Part I

    ICF Team

    September 11, 2017


    On September 12, 2017, the Gauri Lankesh Patrike will bring out a special commemorative edition. There will also be a public rally and resistance meeting in Bengaluru.


    The Indian Express


    “Gauri had learnt the importance of not being a bystander to any form of oppression or violence. Pushing herself to say "Stop it right now!" was the most important thing for her… She chose to write and speak in the language that the people she was fighting for understood.”

    B.M. Basheer, poet, novelist and news editor of Vaarthabharathi Daily


    Image courtesy Kavitha Lankesh


    “Gauri was trolled by men who had no capacity to think… they abused her in the most heinous language possible. But Gauri was never bothered by the trolls or their language. She called them Daari tappida makkala – people in the wrong path – and be willing to discuss or argue with them…”

    Rahamat Tarikere, Head of the Department of the Department of Kannada, Kannada University, Hampi


    #IAmGauri – Save our Democracy

    Tuesday September 12 , 2017

    Gauri Lankesh Hatya Virodhi Horata Vedike

    Public Rally and Resistance Meeting

    10 am Public Rally starting from KSR Bengaluru City Railway Station to Central College Grounds

    11 am Resistance Meeting at Central College Grounds, Bengaluru. Coming together of journalists, writers, artists, social workers, activists, musicians, citizens who believe in democracy from across the country in defence of democracy.




    It was her ethical, and moral stand that helped Gauri outgrow P. Lankesh's intellectual personality. Gauri felt emotionally lonely, and physically week. Neither was/ is she celebrated for her excellent oratory skills, and nor was her writing exceptionally intellectual; but Gauri knew one thing: neither a good speech, nor an excellent writing could save an innocent person from being attacked on the streets. Knowing this and believing in this, she had learnt the importance of not being a bystander of any form of oppression, and violence. Pushing oneself to say "stop it right now" was the most important thing for her. "Stop" and "no" are not just mere words, they are not even just sentences but they are an entire written article in themselves. 

    Gauri was trained to be a journalist in English, she wasn’t very fluent in speaking in Kannada, and she would struggle to write in Kannada. Her decision to step out from English journalism, to take over Lankesh Patrike and write in Kannada, had shocked many. Most of them were not sure about her capabilities and some even wondered, how a person who would find it difficult to even speak in Kannada, would be able to write in it. Gauri’s simple, and yet straightforward approach was an answer for all these questions that were floating around her decision. She chose to write, and speak, not in the literary language, but in the language that, the people she was fighting for understood.

    People who read, and admired Lankesh Patrike had said, "Lakesh’s tabloid has become as week as his daughter looks". She proved them wrong trough, the ways in which she lived her life and now her death has proven them wrong.

    B.M. Basheer, poet, novelist, journalist, and news editor of Vaarthabharathi Daily.



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