• Living Political Commitment: Gauri Lankesh and Her Patrike

    Part II

    ICF Team

    September 11, 2017

    On September 12, 2017, the Gauri Lankesh Patrike will bring out a special commemorative edition. There will also be a public rally and resistance meeting in Bengaluru.


    Image courtesy The Indian Express

    ​​"​The day Rohit Vemula committed suicide, my friends and I could not sleep at night.​.. ​I got a call from Gauramma​… ​​ I started shouting at the top of my voice. ​I wanted to kill those scoundrels. ​That is when ​Amma said, “Pick up your pen and write something about Rohit.” ​She added, ​“​Never even think of killing anyone and never even say you want to kill someone​.​" ​I wrote an article titled, “Let us save Rohit Vemula” (Rohit Vemulanannu badukisona). 

    ​Writer and activist ​Vikas Mourya


    #IAmGauri – Save our Democracy

    Tuesday September 12 , 2017

    Gauri Lankesh Hatya Virodhi Horata Vedike

    Public Rally and Resistance Meeting

    10 am Public Rally starting from KSR Bengaluru City Railway Station to Central College Grounds

    11 am Resistance Meeting at Central College Grounds, Bengaluru. Coming together of journalists, writers, artists, social workers, activists, musicians, citizens who believe in democracy from across the country in defence of democracy.



    Image courtesy Kavitha Lankesh


    ​"​Gauri Lankesh has thrown light on the sad state of Indian media today.​..​ Looking at the acres of coverage of the protest marches, rallies, and meetings, a common reader and viewer must be wondering:​ How did the editor of a small, unheard-of, financially strapped Kannada tabloid end up irritating somebody so much that they decided to send her off to her next assignment like this? And what exactly did she do to irritate them so much to kill her?​… ​At the same time, listening to all the speeches by the big names of newspapers and television, young journalists must be wondering:​ Why aren't we freely covering the kind of stories of inequality, inequity, injustice, intolerance, corruption, discrimination, communal polarisation etc, that these seniors are praising Gauri Lankesh for?​"​

    ​​Ex​-Editor of Outlook magazine​ ​Krishna Prasad



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