• What is it Like to Live Without the Mughals?

    ICF Team

    August 17, 2017

    The Maharashtra government has revised its history textbooks for classes VII and IX. They have come up with a marvellous plan to exclude the Mughals. According to a Mumbai Mirror report, Akbar's reign has been reduced to three lines to accomodate more from Shivaji's Maratha Empire. We hope that the textbooks will also say that Shivaji was not a "Hindu" ruler of his kingdom, and employed Muslims soldiers. But what do we lose if we remove the Mughals from our shared history of the subcontinent? Two examples: one, from our day-day-day lives, and another from our shared cultural heritage.




    If we choose to forget Akbar, we also forget these paintings which accompanied translations of Valmiki's Sankrit Ramayana into Persian:








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