• Standing up for Equal Rights

    Organised by SAHMAT

    September 24, 2016

    SAHMAT organised an evening of performances entitled "Article 14: Stand Up for Equal Rights" at the Mavlankar Hall in Delhi on 15th September, 2016. The performers included Ginni Mahi, a 19-year old singer whose Punjabi pop songs on B.R. Ambedkar have recently stirred up the music scene; Sheetal Sathe of the Kabir Kala Manch; Sanjay Rajoura. a stand-up comedian who collaborates on an alternative comedy act called Aisi Taisi Democracy; and Sujat Ambedkar, a drummer who is also a student at Asian College of Journalism. We asked these performers about their styles and influences. Hear them sing. Hear them speak of their art forms, and their links with their involvement in larger social issues.

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