• Video: Shanti March in Dharwad, August 30

    September 5, 2016

    A rally was organised from the former residence of slain scholar Dr M.M. Kalburgi in Kalyan Nagar, Dharwad, to mark the first anniversary of his assassination. Geeta Dabholkar, Umatayi Pansare and Umadevi Kalburgi were present at the march, organised by the Dr Kalburgi, Pansare, Dabholkar Hatyavirodhi Horat Samiti. Various writers, activists and artists from around the country participated, along with over ten thousand students and citizens from Karnataka.

    See here for our statement marking the anniversary of Dr Kalburgi's murder.
    Also see this article in the Caravan magazine about the murders, and Seema Chishti's piece in the Indian Express.

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