• The Indian Cultural Forum Salutes Our Students

    March 4, 2016

    ​The Indian Cultural Forum congratulate​s​ K​anhaiya Kumar​ on his speech at JNU after his release on bail​. We are proud to stand in solidarity with him​,​ as also with the ​thousands of JNU students and faculty who have ​supported him, and with the ​thousands of students from universities across the country who have demonstrated their support for the freedom and autonomy of universities. We are confident that the fight for freedom of expression and for the secular values of our republic will be fearlessly carried on by these young men and women, who represent the finest values that Indian education has produced and are committed to defending them.
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    Courtesy India Resists

    Kanhaiya reminded the JNU student body, along with the rest of India, that JNU would not allow Rohith Vemula’s legacy to be forgotten.  If he were alive today, we believe Rohith would have stood up to defend Kanhaiya and JNU in the same terms.  We remember him through a poem he wrote, titled ‘One Day’:

    One day you will understand why I was aggressive.
    On that day, you will understand
    why I have not just served social interests.

    One day you will get to know why I apologized.
    On that day, you will understand
    there are traps beyond the fences.

    One day you will find me in the history.
    In the bad light, in the yellow pages.
    And you will wish I was wise.

    But at the night of that day,
    you will remember me, feel me
    and you will breathe out a smile.

    And on that day, I will resurrect.

    Courtesy Raiot

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